Sara Dajani                               22/05/17                                                     Foster dogs

By Sara Dajani


A North Shore couple adopted a deaf rescue dog into their home of two boys and three other fostered animals.


Bailee is an 18-month-old bull terrier dog that has been adopted by Fiona Sarten and her family.


Sarten adopted the untrained dog a month ago and has had to communicate with the dog through sign language which contains many arm movements, waving and jumping.


Sarten can verbally communicate with her other dogs, therefore Bailee was a change for her.


Bailee was in foster care ever since she was five months old, so she never had a permanent home until Sarten adopted her.


“If people are looking to get a dog, they shouldn’t overlook getting a deaf dog because they aren’t harder to train than any other dog,” said Sarten’s husband, Vince Fong.


Sarten said that people should consider getting a foster dog instead of one from a breeder since it is unfortunate that there are so many unwanted dogs out there.


Bailee is a very intelligent dog that has adapted well to what Sarten has trained her to do.


Fong said that is an absolutely rewarding feeling adopting a deaf dog because many people think they are too much responsibility.


Sarten firmly believes that if you don’t have time for a deaf dog, don’t get one at all, or even consider getting any dog since they need at least one hour exercise a day.


Bailee was adopted by Sarten from the Humane Society of New Zealand which is a charity that operates across the country with many different foster homes.


The charity would never euthanize a dog and is always looking for friendly owners to adopt their rescue dogs.


The Auckland City Pound works with the Humane Society of New Zealand, as they give them dogs in the hopes that they will find a safe home.


Sarten’s family owns two other dogs that they have adopted from the SPCA and the Humane Society.


Bailee the dog at North Shore’s Little Shoal Bay


A North Shore family have been training a deaf dog named Bailee that they’ve adopted into their family home #GiveFosterDogsAHome


Vince Fong


Fiona Sarten


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