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By Sara Dajani

James Aspey didn’t speak for an entire year to raise awareness for “the voiceless victims of our planet – the animals.”

The animal rights activist had a one-hour speech at the Vegan Food Fair held at Alexandra Park in Epsom on April 23.

The 29-year-old Australian said he didn’t speak for 365 days from 2014 to 2015.

During this time, Aspey biked 5000 kilometres across Australia to prove that vegans are also capable of being healthy and fit without eating animal products.

In 2015 he ended his year of silence by speaking on Australia’s Sunrise show.

Since then, Aspey has given over 150 speeches about animal cruelty and the advantages of starting a vegan lifestyle.

He told the Auckland crowd that he was diagnosed with leukaemia at 17 years old, but overcame it after chemotherapy lasting three years.

This made him start researching about health and was shocked to learn that it is not sustainable or necessary for humans to consume animal products to be healthy.

“We say that we love animals and are against animal cruelty, yet we pay people to mutilate, torture and slaughter animals… it’s not because we need them for our health, it’s because we like the way they taste” Aspey said.

“You don’t need to be a particular religion, or care about your health, or even be an animal lover. I wasn’t. You only need to agree on one thing to be vegan, that causing unnecessary harm to animals is wrong…” Aspey said.

A passionate vegan at the fair named Sam Lahood said that Aspey’s speech helped generate discussion about the mistreatment of animals.

Sam Lahood speaking about veganism

Chris Huriwai who also spent his day at the fair said that the speech has inspired people who are transitioning into a vegan lifestyle because it helped educate them on the mistreatment of animals in the agriculture industry.

“…every single person makes a difference, every positive seed you plant will grow into something and drop other seeds… we must do something to make this world a better place” Aspey concluded.


Source: Sara Dajani

The front of the crowd below the stands watching James Aspey’s speech at Alexandra Park


After a whole year of not speaking for animals, James Aspey has given over 150 speeches #animalactivist #fightinganimalcruelty


Sam Lahood


Chris Huriwai


Story found at the Vegan Food Fair