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By Sara Dajani


Joseph Michael showcased his Antarctica exhibition at Auckland Museum on the 24th to 26th of March, bringing Aucklanders together for a special show.


“Antarctica: while you were sleeping” was a free art installation that involved projected photographs, videos and sounds of icebergs in Antarctica, shown on the Museum’s outside walls.


Visual artist Joseph Michael and his crew collected the photographs, video and sound recordings from their trip in Antarctica.


The art installation took four years to finally bring to life at Auckland’s Museum.


The installation was brought to life by visuals and sounds of icebergs crashing and moving.


Lucie O’Keeffe participated in a VIP event that Michael hosted for the exhibition on the 25th of March, and said that the experience made her realize that there’s a lot of possible experiences that the world has to offer for us.



“Everyone that viewed the art installation would have opened their eyes to an extraordinary world experience” O’Keeffe said.


O’Keeffe further said that you can hear the icebergs crashing and moving, which added to the ambience of the event and made people look immersed in what they were hearing and viewing.


Michael said that creating the installation was very enjoyable, but one of his biggest challenges was dealing with politics surrounding it.


“Cities can be quite boring in what they let people do” said Michael.


Michael said that one of their ideas to reduce the budget was to just project it on one side of the museum.


However, Michael said that he wanted to project it on all sides of the museum so that the public could fully capture the stimulation of the icebergs crashing.


Michael furthermore said that one of his challenges in Antarctica was only having one boat to share with all the other members of the crew, so he couldn’t take the boat out for the day by himself and take photographs.


O’Keeffe said that during the VIP event, Michael told everyone that he “got to experience a whole different world, and it really opened him up and made him more appreciative.”



Source: Sara Dajani

Auckland Museum on the 25th of March, with still photography and captured videos of icebergs in Antarctica.




Special Antarctica exhibition brings Aucklanders together at Auckland museum #ExperienceAntarctica’sWonders




Joseph Michael



Lucie O’Keeffe




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