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By Sara Dajani

The Halo Project art installation is encouraging and inspiring young New Zealanders to keep our birdlife and environment healthy by planting native trees.


Auckland’s arts festival has brought about a free installation in Wynyard Quarter called The Halo Project created by three eco-activists, Paul Forrest, Matu Booth and Dereck Tearne.


The project focuses on the idea of continuing the ‘halo effect,’ which means to care for our environment by planting trees to keep New Zealand’s land and birdlife healthy for future generations to come.


Younger children are encouraged to continue the halo effect since Forrest gives every child a free postcard that visits the installation and in exchange, they have to promise to plant their own native tree.



“We can’t have a native healthy bird life unless the land is sustaining it well. New Zealand is the land of the birds… we as human beings should be the guardians of the land for the birds” said Forrest.


The installation has many unique artworks which express the key message of looking after New Zealand’s native birdlife.


Forrest paints shapes on top of Tearne’s photographs in order to portray a 3D image of the birds in motion.


“If the native birdlife is healthy, the land is healthy, that is the basic statement of the Halo Project,” said Forrest.


Tearne explained how over 10 years 283,000 trees were planted on Tiritiri Matangi Island in the Hauraki golf and now the land is full of native birds because of the communities’ efforts to do something positive for our environment.


Since we’re currently in the sixth mass extinction, we must look after our environment “if we don’t do something to reverse the extinction, we are going to be in serious trouble” Tearne said.



Source: Sara Dajani

The Halo Project installation at Wynyard Quarter, where Paul Forrest’s art pieces are displayed and where he creates new art pieces on site.


Help sustain New Zealand’s birdlife and greenery by planting more native trees #TheHaloProject #TheHaloEffect #HealthyEnvironment


Paul Forrest


Derek Tearne



Story found on Auckland council’s website