As I sat in the last journalism lecture for 2016, I had two thoughts going through my head. These two thoughts were the fact that this year has flashed by, and also that I have learned the most in this paper than any other paper I have studied this entire year.

I sat there thinking about how glad I am that I ended up picking journalism this semester. It has taught me so many important and valuable life skills which I will carry on to grow throughout my studies and future career. It has also helped me in other aspects of my life because it had made me more confident in talking to people that I would not usually reach out to.

This course has also helped me realise that there are so many opportunities for the average person to meet new people. This may seem silly and vague, but it is very true. This course has helped me scape my comfort zone and talk to people in the public that I would not usually approach. For example, the class exercises that we did when we had to interview random individuals in the streets of Auckland about their opinion of Donald Trump becoming president of the United States of America really made me realise that there are so many people who are very keen on talking to new people, and these activities also helped me boost my confidence and prepared me for interviewing my interviewee Carla for my own story.