Over the past few days, I have been trying to think of ways that I can refine my story and make it really interesting for people to read.

After my meeting with Carla from the Birkdale Community House a while ago, I knew that I had chosen the right story. Why? Because Carla was so passionate about the Community Project and helping people in the community. I thought that this made her a pretty inspiring role model since she is truly devoted to putting everyone before herself. This is such an admirable trait for a person to have.

The angle I am going to take on my story – is to find out WHY Carla and her team are so dedicated to ensuring that everyone in the community is looked after and cared for. Also, what makes this particular community house special from others in Auckland? The Community House is always changing the groups they have in order to cater to everyone’s needs and wants. I am very happy with my story because I think that it will be beneficial to spread the good efforts that The Birkdale Community House is performing for the community – since Carla and her team are truly making a difference in the community and their hard work needs to be showcased to the public. Their work is truly fulfilling and is something that needs to be widely encouraged within the community to bring about more kindness and compassion amongst people. This seems like a simple idea, but it is something that does often get neglected in everyday life situations.